Posted on : October 5, 2017
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Category : Career
Dan Daniel (Executive Vice President at Danaher), discusses what is general management? There are many people who have the ambition to be general managers, but they don’t have some of the necessary qualities; In addition to essential traits like passion and team spirit, one also needs the ability to persuade and compromise. A successful general manager must also know how to communicate and solve “significant conflicts” with engineers, marketers and finance officers when each group’s short-term goals don’t line up. Furthermore, a general manager needs to be not only honest, but candid. Candor does more than paint a realistic picture of company progress. It also builds trust. Regardless of what the org chart says, regardless of what your title is, these are the things you have to pay attention to. Daniel’s also emphasizes the importance of living a “balanced life” and honoring personal commitments along with professional ones. “You can’t value what your team values unless you’ve got a balanced life yourself.” While confidence ranks highly on Daniel’s list of qualities, he advises managers to remain humble. “We know we’ve got competition out there, but we have to have a healthy degree of humility to go out there and do it better.”