Posted on : October 24, 2018
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Chip Conley discusses his newest book, “Wisdom@Work: The Making of a Modern Elder,” based on Conley’s experience helping the millennial co-founders of Airbnb turn their scrappy start-up into a global hospitality giant. What emerged from this experience were the secrets to thriving as a mid-career worker in today’s world: learning to marry wisdom and experience with curiosity, a beginner’s mind, and a willingness to evolve — all hallmarks of the “Modern Elder.”
Conley shares these lessons and more, offering a playbook for how to repurpose a lifetime of experience and wisdom to stay not just relevant, but indispensable, in the second, third, or fourth act of our careers— and become a catalyst for society to embrace age like any other diversity. After running his own successful boutique hotel company for almost 25 years, baby boomer Chip Conley was invited by Airbnb’s millennial CEO/cofounder to join the company as head of global hospitality and strategy. Chip started out as a mentor to a digital native but soon realized he was equally as much an intern in the high tech world. Their intergenerational exchange of wisdom — a modern day trade agreement of EQ (emotional intelligence) for DQ (digital intelligence) — turned into an invaluable four-year journey for both that inspired Chip’s new book,